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Realtor is not my only title. I also go by Husband, Brother, Son, Friend, Teammate, & Doggy Daddy to name a few. My Family is very important to me, they are such a big reason why I have found the success that I have in life. They drive me every day to be the best that I can be. As my family grows I become more and more motivated by them.

Growing up I played a lot of competitive sports, and I still do today.  As a young boy in Edmonton my main sports were Hockey, Baseball, and Volleyball. I also played Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf, and basketball. I loved the challenge that every game or practice brought, I relished in the teamwork it took to achieve a common goal. The hard work it took to hone your skills to be the best that you could be. The feeling of accomplishing what you set out to do from the beginning of the season is a feeling that I still chase today. While in my wiser years I'm not as competitive in the arena as I was as a kid, I have carried that competitive spirit into my business life. My team consists of my clients, and the arena is the real estate world.

I graduated from Harry Ainlay High School and then took a 2-year Business course at N.A.I.T. After completing my diploma at N.A.I.T. I had developed an interest in marketing and sales which I further studied at the University of Lethbridge. After my time at the UofL I worked as a Sales Rep in the medical and sporting goods industries. When I met my wife Raelene I started to look for a career with less travel so I could be home more often. Through my career in sales I had developed a passion for helping people. I never really enjoyed the sales aspect of sales, but once the customer had decided to buy something I always enjoyed helping them find the right fit. This realization lead me to a career as a Realtor.

in 2012 I became a licensed REALTOR® and my career this far has been amazing, I love it. I love guiding my clients through the process of buying or selling a home. I don't sell homes, I help you buy or sell a home, I want to guide you through the process. During a transaction I am committed to making sure that each decision my clients make is an informed one. My goal is to be transparent, honest, and informative through the whole process. So that when it comes time to sign on the dotted line my clients aren't looking at me, they know they are making the right decision.

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